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  • Economic - energy, water, and other efficiencies don't necessarily cost more, and yet, most pay for themselves within a few years and offer significant savings in long-term operating costs. In addition, efficiencies in construction can actually reduce building costs, and incentives can often provide even more savings. (PG&E and Sonoma Clean Power are developing incentives for homeowners rebuilding after the fire, and will be sharing them at the EXPO.)

  • Health - homes designed to provide good indoor air quality and non-toxic materials are healthier for people and other living things.

  • Resiliency - making sustainable and renewable choices, such as micro-grids, batteries, water reuse systems, and more, make neighborhoods and communitiies more likely to withstand fires, earthquakes and other potential threats with less disruption and faster recovery.

  • Environment - making sustainable choices is good for the planet.

Come learn about:

  • Rooftop solar systems

  • Passive deisgn principles
  • Why 100% electric?

  • Fire-resistant building materials and methods

  • Healthy homes and interiors

  • Grid-friendly new homes and neighborhoods

  • Defensible, drought-tolerant landscapes

  • Find the professionals who can help you
  • ZNE/energy-efficient home design

  • Battery storage for homes

  • Electric vehicles

  • Financing green building

  • Accessory dwelling units

  • Safe, healthy and delicious induction cooking demos, come and taste!
  • Water efficiency indoors and out
  • Meeting new building codes and beyond

And More...

  • Hackathon - bring your home designs and get help with making them more sustainable
  • Meet the vendors, suppliers, designers, builders who are committed to helping you rebuild

Sponsorship Opportunities are Sold out

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us about getting your products and services noticed.

All exhibits must showcase sustainabillity aspects of your products, programs, and/or services. Proposed exhibits are subject to review by the planning committee.

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