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Ecological Building Network is an open group of engineers, builders, and architects developing and disseminating best technologies for the built environment. Whether you are building a straw bale house in Argentina, a low-income village with shipping containers in Shanghai, or a concrete office structure in Sacramento, we provide information that will help reduce the negative impacts of your builidngs on the environment, while preserving health and safety. 

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Origins and Stories of Embodied Carbon Work in Buildings

A zoom conversation with Pliny Fisk, Bruce King, Ann Edminster, Ed Mazria and Kate Simonen as they discuss embodied carbon in buildings as a huge driver of climate change. This video is about 1.5 hours long and covers a lot of ground! It was recorded on November 16, 2020.

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The New Carbon Architecture
Building to Cool the Planet

From New Society Press 

Some of the world's leading voices in low-carbon building solutions expand our understanding that the so-called embodied carbon of building materials matters a great deal more than anyone thought in the effort to reverse climage change.