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Getting the Word Out

To the people who can put the knowledge to work in the real world 

... we're making movies! (and other stuff)

How it works

Working with our colleagues at Stanford University's Building Decarbonization Learning Accelerator, we will develop, edit and upload video and teaching Powerpoint decks, inviting contributors from noteworthy colleagues around the world. In tandem with that, we will launch a social media marketing campaign to make sure we get the word out.

Your support makes possible some of our first projects

Each of the following topics in a short video, a teaching deck, and supporting resources

  • Buildings and Climate - Operational carbon, embodied carbon, and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Measure and Improve - Tools and strageties for planning, design and construction
  • Low Carbon Concrete - What you can do: 1) right now, 2) very soon, and 3) 10 years out
  • Don't tear it down! - Deep energy retrofit for an existing house, school, or office building
  • About Mass Timber - Sometimes, but not always, great for climate
  • Buildings, Carbon, and Social Justice - The hidden costs to those we don't always see
  • Design for Durability and Disassembly - Nothing is thrown away, nothing is wasted
  • Insulation Systems - Say goodbye to petrochemicals
  • Design to Store Carbon - In a house, school, or office building
  • Talk Dirty to Me - Earthen architecture and the clay concrete revival - Meet Taos Pueblo 2.0
  • Biobased Building - Introduction to straw,  hemp, bamboo & more
  • Landscape - Ditch the concrete ditch, welcome the plants
  • Civil & Infrastructure - Water & drainage, streets & highways, waste management & recycling
  • The Art of Engineering - Designing for the seventh generation: Does it foster life?