Rebuild Green Coalition

In response to the catastrophic fires that swept the North Bay in 2017, a group of green building professionals, community organizers, utility and government representives and others came together to help our community rebuild in the most sustainable and resilient way possible. What started as an informal dinner to discuss the possibilities quickly grew. A day-long workshop ensued, attended by 50 green building professionals and other stakeholders to envision what that might look like. That group decided to stay engaged for the long haul, and call itself the Rebuild Green Coalition. 

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The day-long workshop at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa drew 50 green building professionals and other stakeholders to develop a vision for a sustainable and resilient rebuild.

Rebuild Green EXPO 2018


The main obstacle to making green and sustainable choices is knowing whom to talk to and what to do. The Rebuild Green EXPO came together to open up the world of sustainable design to homeowners, building professionals, and the community at large. Our goal is to demonstrate that green choices are easy and affordable, as well as introducing a few of the professionals who can help you make it happen.

EXPO Website  Article about EXPO by Home Energy Magazine 3/23/18




Article by Scott Gibson, courtesy of fine Homebuilding magazine © 2018

Rebuild Green EXPO Organizers

Tor Allen, the Rahus Institute
Julia Donoho,
Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues LLC
Bruce King, Ecological Building Network
Sarah King, Ecological Building Network

Steve Sheldon, Architect, USGBC Redwood Empire
Alima Silverman, AIA Redwood Empire
Larry Strain, Siegel & Strain Architects
Ted Tiffany, Guttman & Bleovoet Consulting Engineers
Oren Wool, Sustainable North Bay


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