Sometimes you just have to get everybody together

Something powerful happens when leaders in many aspects of the Zero Carbon, Healthy Buildings goal come together for a few days The effect is exponential - ideas reverberate, collaboration is created, inspiration and creativity explode, and the result is huge and lasting impact.

EBNet has hosted serveral international conferences because leaders and innovators need to meet - make new contacts and refresh old ones. Sharing knowledge continues later, when we read each others' books and articles and stay in touch We often hear from past attendees that our conferences sparked an idea, inspired a new line of inquiry, provided an introduction for further work or renewed commitment to building well. For example, because a Google employee attended BuildWell 2010, has stepped up to support product transparency in the next LEED standards; and in addition, Google is currently developing incredibly powerful tools needed by designers to evaluate their material choices.

And our sponsors have told us that BuildWell has lead to more viable leads and contact than much, much larger events because the quality of our participants and the influence they have on a large cross-section of industries. Here's a list of who attended BuildWell 2016.

BuildWell Symposia

(2010, 2014, 2016)

BuildWell Symposia are speed dating. Talks are very short and to the point - no 'death by powerpoint'! You meet a lot of inspiring adn provocative thought leaders, and spend time over meals and with wine with those who most interest you. You learn about the coolest new products - on the market or in the pipeline. Discussions are high-level, low-level, funny, geeky, very serious, and always thought-provoking. BuildWell is the conference that informs, renews, and inspires.



Wowed the crowd!

BuildWell 2016, at its new home in the Historic Presidio of San Francisco, was a huge success. We had a stellar line up of keynote speakers, participants, and the same in-depth exploration of the issues of reaching low (get to ZERO!) carbon, healthy buildings.

Internation Conference on Ecological Structure (2001)

Attended by green building experts from 15 countries, this conference resulted in the creation of an international network of academics, designers, builders, and engineers who continue to collaborate in the shared goal of reducing the impact of buildings on the environment. The conference papers are still in demand, and you can find them in the BuildWell Source.

Salon Evenings and Informal Gatherings

EBNet is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has a delightful wealth of innovation in architecture, engineering, and green building. When a researcher or architect from abroad visits the Bay Area, we often host an informal salon evening, or a more public event at a local venue. If you would like your name added to the invitation list, or will be visiting and want us to host an event for you (subject to schedule, cosmic radiation and how frantically busy we are when you ask), please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.