Rebuild Green EXPO House

Why Green?

Building green is easier than ever today, and there are many compelling reasons for making greener choices for your project. 


 The Case for Building Green, by Ted M. Tiffany PDF

  • Economic - energy, water, and other efficiencies don't necessarily cost more, and yet, most pay for themselves within a few years and offer significant savings in long-term operating costs. In addition, efficiencies in construction can actually reduce building costs, and incentives can often provide even more savings. (PG&E and Sonoma Clean Power are developing incentives for homeowners rebuilding after the fire, and will be sharing them at the EXPO.)

  • Health - homes designed to provide good indoor air quality and non-toxic materials are healthier for people and other living things.

  • Resiliency - making sustainable and renewable choices, such as micro-grids, batteries, water reuse systems, and more, make neighborhoods and communitiies more likely to withstand fires, earthquakes and other potential threats with less disruption and faster recovery.

  • Environment - making sustainable choices is good for the planet.